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Kinect Health

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About Kinect Health

What we represent

Kinect Health represents a paradigm shift in the healthcare industry. Our unique system for resolving pain, injuries and rehabilitation, has already helped hundreds of people to reach their goals, and get back to the life they want.

From the outset our mission has been to simply offer an alternative to mainstream physiotherapy, osteopathy or other common healthcare professions. Utilising cutting-edge assessment and treatment techniques, we have developed a unique system for treating chronic pain and movement dysfunction.

We are the UK leaders in many of the world’s leading manual therapy and movement techniques, and offer a unique combined approach to helping you. We’ll help you move better, feel better and live a pain-free lifestyle.

What investing in Kinect Health represents

We believe helping you is so much more than simply treating the pain you’re presenting with. It’s about helping you re-connect with your body, learning to move better, breathe better, and ultimately improve the quality of your life.

Unfortunately we know pain can affect your life in so many ways. That’s why we’re here to help you take back control of your life! We hope you’ll see working with us as a valuable investment in your future, after all you only have one body for life!

We believe we can help you:

  • Resolve pain
  • Improve your posture
  • Move better, feel better
    and look better
  • Reconnect with your body
  • Have more confidence
  • Gain the knowledge to take
    care of your own body


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Kinect Health
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