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Karen’s Kinesiology – IBS Treatment, Swindon, Hungerford, Corsham

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Karen’s Kinesiology specialise in IBS treatment in Swindon, Hungerford and Corsham.

IBS symptoms can range from: constipation, diarrhea, bloating, acid reflux, abdominal pains, tired all the time and much more. The causes can be food sensitivities, stress, lack of digestive enzymes or certain vitamins and minerals.

Karen’s Kinesiology helps clients to manage IBS and identify the root cause of the problems. Problems can include: lack of good gut flora, food sensitivities, lack of digestive enzymes, lack of vitamins and minerals, stress, parasites, unhealthy bacteria, viruses and candida.

Karen’s Kinesiology will help you identify the foods causing problems and help you find solutions so the food can be tolerated. You will also be directed to nutritional supplements where appropriate.

The features of the IBS Treatment service include:

  • Consultations take place face-to-face in Swindon Hungerford and Corsham
  • You will be sent a questionnaire before the consultation
  • You will be required to bring along any supplements and medication you are taking
  • First session 90 mins £75



Rated 5 / 5 based on 4 reviews.
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4 votes
Jay Illes
5 years ago

My family's first go to for all our health issues

After almost 10 years of treatments with Karen she is now my family's first go to for all our health issues. Not only has Karen been supportive and informative but that has in turn helped us be more aware and informed with our everyday lifestyle choices. Karen has supported us through stress, emotional issues, coughs, colds, rashes, digestive issues even H.Pylori which went undiagnosed through N.H.S. I can't thank Karen enough for her expertise and dedication to her work and this transpires through her course delivery which was highly informative and benefits my friends and family alike. I highly and regularly recommend Karen. Thank you again Karen!
Simone Walker-Campbell
5 years ago

Karen Thrust is an Awesome Kinesiologist

I have visited Karen for kinesiology, EFT and Bach Flower Remedies over the course of many years. After a break of quite some time, I returned to treatments with Karen and, whereas previously, we had worked on physical ailments, this time we began our work on emotional and spiritual ailments. Over the course of the past year and a half (or more - can't remember), I have undergone treatments on a monthly basis, without fail. Interspersed between these visits have been quite a few emergency visits to Karen, when she has helped me enormously by bringing balance to my body, particularly adrenal glands, following bouts of extreme grief, loss and mourning, for the passing of my dear Mum in November 2016. Following these emergency treatments I have felt great peace and calm and been able to move forward in life i.e. by attending work, rather than taking time off sick because of my grief. Over the past year I have re-trained myself to take the recommended supplements. Juice Plus capsules particularly help me with my chronic lung dysfunction, as well as whole body help. If I forget to take these JP, within a day or too my chest becomes tight and wheezy, however when I return to my daily dosage of JP my airways feel freer and chest clearer. Karen has provided me with complete healing of my life-long exzema! Karen found the root cause of this dis-ease and tested my body to identify the correct medicine, mastic gum. I am now totally aware of my red-alert signals in my body that tell me when I am in danger of getting exzema outbreaks and I am then able to take action to prevent a manifestation. This action is usually to re-uptake mastic gum and to radically reduce the sugar in my diet. Karen finds out the root problem at each session I attend and I then choose a Bach Flower Remedy which will help to release the dys-function I am experiencing and provide an alternative response. I have seen immediate responses within myself, especially emotional, when I take the Bach Flower Remedy daily after a session. The GREATEST and most MAGNIFICENT thing that Karen has done for me is a 'Higher Vehicle' balance. As I thought was to be the case, my Divine higher vehicle was blocked, from the age of 2, and Karen and I knew exactly why, due to the emotional work she has been helping me with, in releasing childhood trauma. Since Karen cleared/balanced my higher vehicles back in September 2017, my world has opened up in an awesome way. Being a spiritual soul, I have studied/attempted to follow a variety of religious/spiritual guidances, without long term success. A couple of weeks after this higher vehicle clearance I attended a Baha'i seminar on the subject of life after death. That weekend I had a major spiritual awakening and since that time I have been rocketing at a million miles an hour with my purpose in life completely understood at last. The changes have been many and they have been immediate and I am awake to spiritual guidance. Completely awake. Dear friends, if you do NOTHING else, go get Karen to check your higher vehicles and trust me when I tell you that your lives will change for the better. Karen is an awesome kinesiologist, EFT practitioner, Bach flower remedy practitioner. Do NOT under-estimate the power of kinesiology to bring restoration to your life. Act Now! Lift the layers of your dis-ease and find your Peace. Om Shanti! Simone xxx
Angela Jones
5 years ago

constantly tired bloated and aching with stomach cramps

I went to see Karen as I was constantly tired bloated and aching. I felt it might be a food intollereance as I already knew that I was intollerent to milk and eggs just by how quickly I felt unwell after consuming them and a process of ellimination. The doctor wouldn't do any food tests. Karen identified a candida overgrowth in my gut as well as several food intollerances including soya that I had been drinking as a milk substitute. After just a few days I felt so much better, had more energy and didn't ache any more.
Paul M
6 years ago

Digestive problems

I went to see Karen suffering with digestive problems. I was skeptical as I didn't know anything about kinesiology but was pleasantly surprised with an immediate improvement. I no longer need to take any antacid medication, which I was taking on a daily basis, it has also helped with weight loss. I would highly recommend Karen's treatment.
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