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Kam Birdee

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Kam is a healer, hypnotherapist, personal development and business coach, mentor and intuitive. She has helped 1000’s of people transform their lives for the better.

With over 25 years of working in the corporate field for blue chip organisations and latterly the construction sector, she has strategised businesses and helped its owners grow healthy and profitable organisations.
…her story….

In 2005 whilst lying on a hospital bed awaiting surgery to remove a haemorrhaged cyst in her ovary, Kam was told very clearly by Consultants she would never become a biological Mother. Her whole world felt it was collapsing around her. This left her devastated with a desire to die. She felt there was nothing else to live for. She always wanted to be a Mummy.

She realised she lived to work and spent most of her life working to achieve success for others. She held an executive role and drove a nice sports car, had a great salary, yet she was also very unahppy and unfulfilled and alone.

The words of the Consultants echoed in her ears, but deep within heart, she knew she would be a Mummy. Something needed to change. She was in her early 30’s single at a crossroads. She needed answers and during recovery, she started her own journey to discover her true self. She was looking for a grain of sand on a beach and knew within there, she would find herself. She dedicated her time and energy and uncovered a multitude of fears, beliefs, conditioning and everything she was told a woman was ‘supposed to be’. She stripped away the layers which suppressed and controlled her. She found her voice. She began to love and accept herself. She felt more confident, accepted her inner beauty. She began to enjoy life. She found happiness in being herself. She found freedom.

Kam has transformed her life for the better.

She is now happily married with a beautiful Son, who was conceived consciously and naturally. Kam is eternally grateful for her Life and chooses to share her experiences and wisdom with others.

She is a writer and inspirational speaker and continues to develop her own skills to help others.

Kam empowers, inspires and transforms lives through teaching wisdom and helping people open their hearts to love and happiness. She works 1-1, within groups and runs regular workshops.


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