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Hi everyone, I’m Jill.  I love the practice of Yoga and I am lucky to also love teaching it to others, so that is exactly what I do.  I have been practicing Yoga for over 10 years and teaching since 2012.

I have explored lots of different styles in that time, but found the Scaravelli inspired teachings naturally captured my attention as the emphasis is on intuition, feeling and freedom rather than following a set sequence or absolute set of rules.  With these intuitive practices, there is an exploration of movement through the spine and a steady unwinding of tension, a focus on easing the body into postures rather than forcing it, an intention to move with a completely open mind rather than from habit and the promotion of health and vitality throughout the physical body.

In my experience, Yoga goes much deeper than just the physical benefits, it is a holistic system looking at mind, body, balance and ultimately, how to be in the world.


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Jill Does Yoga
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