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Jessica Revell

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Turning your female body into a ‘fat burning furnace’ by fuelling your body in the correct way and using intelligent exercise sessions. By using food and exercise in harmony with your hormones, your body will store only the fat it needs and will burn the rest, just as it is designed to do. Eat and exercise in harmony with your body and your body will do the rest.

While you are training your body, you will need to provide your body with the correct levels of nutrition and supplement your body with macronutrients. Jessica provides a range of Juice Plus+ nutrition that will flood the body with everything it needs to aid weight loss and fat burning, to fuel your system with nutrition and macronutrients and repair your muscles after training. Make life easier my incorporating Juice Plus+ into your daily routine and watch your training results improve than by simply training alone.

Jessica Revell is the creator of The Process, and the L.I.F.E Fit Programme and Jessica continues to transfor the bodies of mums (and dads) with new babies, with young children and with teenagers.

Using a strong unity between food and nutrition, eating patterns and exercising, Jessica


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