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As an Intuitive Coaching & Healer Claire Atyeo believes all disease stems from dis-ease on an energetic, emotional level, thus she has concentrated her expertise into this field, allowing her to develop and offer specialized programs with proven results.

By using cutting edge techniques that integrate the human biological trilogy, the physical body, energetic body and consciousness which are intrinsically interwoven and treated with equal respect, with which, in doing so when synchronized you enjoy well-being, good health and peace of mind.

Intuitive Coaching/ Spiritual Coaching/ Transformation Coaching

Whether you are looking for Life coaching, Spiritual coaching,or Transformation coaching my first question is who’s running your show? Learning who you are and what belief systems
your running, is the key to YOUR success. What is actually driving you? A heartfelt desire or a fear based need.

This deeply profound program of coaching really gets to the core of who you are, uncovering your authentic self, needs, wants and desires which when discovered give you the confidence, courage and personal freedom to take the steps needed to follow your dreams and live life feeling content, happy secure and abundant.

Emotional Healing

Energy Medicine has been used since the beginning of time and has been known by many different names, for many years shrouded in mystery, folklore, even outlawed and feared!

But the undeniable “miracles” for which healing can be accredited has made its way back from its place of persecution with the help of respected scientist’s such as, Bruce Lipton, Greg Brandon and many others – shining new light and applying scientifically proven understanding of how healing really works.

Applying techniques that address imbalances throughout the biological trilogy, we are able to remove energetic blockages that are stopping your body from functioning correctly or at maximum potential.

Blocked energy is like a scratched record, it plays over and over, until finally you either become physically or mentally ill.  Healing lifts the needle and allows the record to play on, freeing you from past hurts, perceptions and fears, allowing you to live a healthy, happy, and fulfilled life.


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