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The IBS Audio Program 100 is a home use…

self-help wellness audio program for those living with  Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS.  It is one of many audio program developed by multi-award winning medical centre based clinical hypnotherapist Michael Mahoney.

Now used in over 45 countries this program was developed specifically for IBS and both its physical and emotional symptoms. It was eight years in development and patient piloting.  The program is structured with multi-linked audio recordings, each one building on each other, it uses the specifically developed OPSIM (On-going Progressive Session Induction Method) protocol to maximize listening.
It is available from www.healthyaudio.com or by using quick-link www.ibscds.com

Since 1998 this program has been helping people around the world and is now used in 45+ countries, it has helped many people to start living a healthy life again, to build their quality of life, helping in relationships, work, college and study in addition to socializing and improved confidence and more besides.

It isn’t a miracle cure, nor a magic wand, but when you have tried everything, and you are still looking for help take a serious look: look at its structure, listen to sound clips, read the testimonials and then decide.

We are often the last port of call, the desperate last roll of the dice.  We don’t like it!!  Years of work, time, effort and research were put in to the developing of this program. It’s no wonder it has some great feedback.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Relief is not beyond the bounds of the imagination, though it might be to you at this moment, take time to look at this full, complete, and structured program, which is often imitated but never beaten.  

The start of Irritable Bowel Syndrome Relief is just a few clicks away, less than three easy minutes away.

Start it now, today because the longer you leave it, not only the more IBS symptoms and inconvenience you will have to live with, but when the time comes to try it and when you have completed it, you might be kicking yourself for not doing it years ago!

In the UK the National Institute for Care and Health Excellence (NICE) recommends IBS specific hypnosis for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) after 12 months of none effective pharmacological treatments (If drugs haven’t fixed it try this).  THIS IS GUIDANCE GIVEN TO PRIMARY CARE HEALTH PROVIDERS!

It makes us wonder why this isn’t a first option!!

Anyway, our Irritable Bowel Syndrome Relief audio program works by making the best of the mind and body connection.  You know as an IBS sufferer, if you think about your stomach, or being far from a rest-room, or you are driving and you worry about getting stuck in a traffic jam, or your stomach gurgles in a quiet meeting room, you think any of these, and many, many more besides your stomach may start causing problems.   It’s as if it knows!    Well it does!

The mind and body are inseparable, the gut sends signals to the brain, just like the brain sends signals to the gut, but it’s like a 4 lane highway, but faster. The brain and gut are hard wired!

So in very simplistic terms, our IBS Audio Program 100 not only disrupts the negative communication between brain and gut, at the same time it gently changes your thinking. 

Change the thought and you change the response. 

Take away the importance, and you safe lots of internal energy, which can be used for positive thought patterns, further negative thought disruption and so it goes on. In a structured way. 

And the really great thing, its natural, no additional pills or potions. Today, start to use a gentle proven, structured approach to help you regain your quality of life, confidence and positive future outlook. It’s just a few clicks away!

Available on immediate MP3 download or CD Set (dispatched from Cheshire England, or Mid West USA)


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Alun Fortune
6 years ago


I used this IBS program after it being recommended by a co-worker. Wow after everything I tried previously, this delivers. My IBS symptoms are much improved, my mood is much higher and generally life is great again. Mr Mahoney add me to your success stories.
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