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What is House Healing?

House Healing is a concept that is new to most people. It is the practice of somebody being able to change the way a space feels for those living or working in it from anywhere in the world. What seems truly ridiculous to many is that it is done through the use of focused intention alone; consider it like “reiki for buildings” or the traditional Eastern practice of Feng Shui. But house healers go deeper: sometimes working with the spiritual shadow aspects of a person’s reality. By interacting with the space through the subtle energy fields that connect us all, we also affect the well-being of the people living or working in each particular space.

Too woo-woo?

House Healing has it roots in millennia of spiritual and mystical practices. Today, however, the modern sciences of quantum biology and neuroscience are discovering more and more about the hidden influence and interplay between human beings and their environment. This is leading to an appreciation of the possibility of manipulating subtle energy fields not only as highly likely, but as a part of the emerging ‘new physics’ of resonance.

Well-being by connecting to the resonant field or “intelligent ether”

The implications for aligning with and manipulating the creative universal forces of the natural world, just as our ancestors intuitively did, are immense. The work of such luminaries as Dr Joe Dispenza, Dean Radin Phd, Dr Amit Goswami Phd, Nassim Haramein Phd and others, are shedding more light on this connection and its ability to create wellness. However, although positive results can be astonishing, it is not yet possible to achieve consistent, repeatable results through a set specific process such that standard science would welcome. So, house healing is currently more aligned to “faith healing” or “energy work” than mainstream modern medicine.

This is where Tim Walter comes in. Teaching small groups, Tim trains students in working with subtle energies and the personalities that can be found in these dimensions at the periphery of human perception. He is founder of the KnightsRose House Healing Network a professional learning and development network that is open to all graduates of his ten-month KnightsRose Training programme.

The KnightsRose House Healer Training is an experiential course in which Tim leads participants to develop a new way of seeing the world that gives them the knowledge and confidence to set up in business as a professional house healer. In this life-changing course, students learn about how by simply “showing up” with faith and the right attitude they can receive guidance from either the universal creative resonant field or from aspects of that field that are sometimes called “spirit guides”.

We live in a time when our paradigm of reality is shifting. More and more people are “waking up” to be able to grasp concepts that enable them to master the skill of living as their full selves; as truly holistic human beings. If participants on the course can maintain their trust, keep their nerve and fully embrace the implications of the new paradigm, then they are given keys to be able to change lives.

10 month zoom based course £170.00 per month, payable monthly


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Tim Walter Geomancy Report
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JF Laliberte
5 months ago

Down to Earth mentor and Classes

Tim Walter is a great teacher and mentor. I couldn't recommend him enough. His course is practical and the House Healer Network is a precious gathering of likeminded people. Learning from him made me discover and understand the subtle realms and their influence in our reality. If you want to develop a spiritual skill set and a relationship with your guides and allies, you shoud take this class.


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Vanessa de Oliveira
5 months ago

The world is not what it seems !

Since I remember I was always fascinated by the energy work that we as humans are able to connect and interact. For some years practicing Qi Qong was one of the ways to match and improve my energy in connection to the environment and myself. Apart form other areas like Reiki, Symbolic and Lunar Feng Shui, Astrology , Jung archetypes all of this got a new direction when I met Tim and his training. I got curious about energetic earth lines and from his YouTube channel a whole new world appeared in such a ressonance with what I innerly  believed. 
This course is eye opening. There's a lot more to know then what's somehow obvious.. with this classes and network I got the support I needed to a solid self  development which led me lately to work with this matters profissionally. Still learning, but I must say this was a consistent training that was mind shifting. 
Absolutely do recommend. 


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Anna Schmidt
5 months ago

Bringing it all together

I have been psychic all my life, reading professionally with palmistry and numerology but everything changed when visiting a friend house and I felt strange energy present. I started exploring earth energy lines and other aspects that can disrupt the balance in people's homes with some success. But when I found Tim, he helped me to pull all my skills together into a professional house healing process and I have never looked back.

Tim is a wealth of house healing knowledge. I really gained confidence, expanding and enhancing my skills alongside the other Knights Rose Professional House Healers in the network.


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David Bushell
6 months ago

Everyday is a Learning Day

I'd been practicing and learning (mostly out of necessity) about house healing since 2016. I contacted Tim in 2019, as I was having issues around ley lines and railway tracks. Soon there after I started training with Tim. My knowledge and skills expanded rapidly, and I've been in Tim's network since the training. Tim's experience and ability in this field are vast, and a lot of the information shared with me has often been very Earthy, Old World, and feels like a connection to much forgotten wisdom. During this time, many gaps in my own awareness and knowledge and understanding have been filled. Just this week, I learned about the labyrinths and some of their original uses for manifestation and clarity. Every day is a learning day.


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