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Hi I am a Homeopath and Spiritual Counsellor. I am also a medium. I work from my clinic at home in Bushey Hertfordshire and on Skype. 

Having qualified and worked for a decade as a Counsellor I realised we need other ways of resolving our shadow and we can’t work towards a healthier life emotionally and spiritually if we have physical concerns. The Homeopathy is an all encompassing medicine despite the attempt to discredit us, we have two over a century of clinical evidence and a significant amount of positive research behind us. So Homeopathy for me has healed me on many levels and after 15yrs in practice I have seen amazing results with my patients. I recently began to work again as a Medium as I began to see the need arising in my practice for clients to feel spiritually enriched and connected and one of the best ways to do this is to be shown evidence of life after death. Although my work as a Homeopath and as a Medium are separate they compliment each other very well. I have also recently created some courses on UDEMY (www.udemy.com/demystifying-homeopathy) so you can get a real sense of my work and some practical teaching in those. Feel free to get in touch if you want to see how I can help you. Thanks


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