Help to reverse diabetes and pre-diabetes

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Discover how you can start to reverse diabetes now! 

If you are diabetic or you are pre-diabetic and you want to reverse the symptoms, then Siobhan Dee’s dietetics reversal programme can help.

If you are concerned about diabetes and what that means to your health as you age, feel alone and fearful of diabetes, confused by different guidelines and would like all this simplifying read on…

Experience and Qualifications

Siobhan Dee helps people to reverse Insulin Resistance, Pre-Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms. She says, “There is no magic potion, but there is a magic formula.”

Siobhan has worked as a nurse in 4 different countries as well as working at senior management level in the pharmaceutical industry for ten years with diabetes medications. She’s worked with family doctors, specialist doctors and nurses. She also has an extensive understanding of natural healthcare, nutrition and holistic treatments – perfect to help you reverse diabetes.

About the diabetes reversal programme

Here’s what you get with the diabetes reversal programme:

Course introduction – This shows you how to get the best from the course

2 videos to help you understand diabetes. The information made available to you here will be information that your doctor may not event know! 

5 videos that show you the supplements that can support you, plus exactly which foods to eat and which to avoid

3 Videos that will help you understand and take correct action on lifestyle habits that will support the diabetes reversal

You will also get 10 guides to support the videos that give you extra golden nuggets 

Your investment is a one-time payment of just €197

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