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Heba Al-Zuhair

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Balance is the key word and practically complicated by the targeted marketing messages as well as confusing labelling. My role as an experienced nutritional councillor is to provide the guidance, support and encouragement that make my clients’ journey to health clear.

I’m Heba Al-Zuhair,a fully Qualified Nutritionist and Health Scientist, Weight Loss Expert and Healthy Lifestyle Consultant and founder of Bath’s Nutrition and Wellness Centre in the beautiful Georgian city of Bath, where I can help you discover the relationship between your food choices, your lifestyle and your nutrition goals. I’ve had the privilege of  working with lots of  people of  all ages, all body types and all types of  mindset. I’ve helped every one of  them to enhance their health and wellbeing by informing the choices they make in relation to food, nutrition and their lifestyle. I can help you, too!


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Heba Al-Zuhair
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