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Healthista is dedicated to your health and wellbeing. Our network of journalists, editors, bloggers, experts and producers bring you health news, features, blogs and videos that make it easier for you to look and feel better.

What you can expect from us:


  • Make health entertaining. They won’t wrist-slap or lecture you into eating your five a day. They adopt the approach that being healthy should be fun and never feel like a chore or anything to feel guilty about.
  • Give simple solutions to complicated problems. We won’t give you total life overhauls. Our readers do what they can, when they can to be healthy. We help with that.
  • Have Top experts. We’re not health experts, but we have plenty of them on speed dial and one of our key editorial pillars is to source advice and opinions from the best medical, nutritional, fitness and psychology experts in the country and we check their qualifications.
  • Make luscious and tasty food! Healthista include recipes and restaurant reviews.
  • Like proven evidence wherever possible, before reporting. If there’s little, no or unreliable evidence, we’ll tell you.
  • Have free health challenges like the30 day health challenge designed to get you sweaty and fit in five minutes a day.

With Healthista you won’t find women smiling at salads. Ever! We promise. We pride ourselves on providing real health solutions for real women. Like you, our lives aren’t a stock photo


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