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The Harmonizing Academy

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The Harmonizing Academy is based on four powerful coaching methodologies:

  1. Confidence Coaching,
  2. Stress Management Coaching,
  3. Soul Coaching and
  4. Emotional Well-Being Coaching.

It’s a three day retreat where you will personally experience the transformational effects of The Harmonizing Alignment Process, followed by two days of intensive group training in delivering the process to clients.

You will leave this incredible experience inspired and aligned your soul purpose. You will be equipped with a powerful set of transformational tools, a stylish, ready-made brand and a whole host of resources to create an extraordinary business.

The Harmonizing Coach Certification Programme 

H E L D    I N    N A T U R E

Transported to a venue deep in the natural world, you will be immersed in nature’s rhythms for 5 days.  You will experience a personal reconnection to the natural rhythm of your own body mind and soul.


As a part of a group of positive, upbeat, like-minded people, you will embark upon a truly nourishing, empowering and transformational life alignment journey; clearing away any obstacles that stand in the way of you realising your true natural, vibrant and creative potential.


Harmonizing is a very creative and interactive emotional wellbeing process. Using resources such as collaging, mirror work, photographs and visualisation tools, you will learn how to gently facilitate healing, empowerment and life changing transformation in your client’s lives.


We love to have fun and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Come prepared to enjoy evenings outdoors, around the campfire, cosy nights in with inspiring movies, yoga, dancing, long country walks and if you are brave enough, by the end of the week even a quick exhilarating and life affirming dip in the river.

Who Teaches Harmonizing?

As a trainee Harmonizing Coach you’ll learn from creator and founder Dawn Breslin. Dawn is a new thought leader and a leading light in the field of coaching and personal transformation with over two decades of experience. Through her work as a TV and Radio Presenter, Best Selling Hay House Author and Inspirational Keynote Speaker she has inspired thousands of individuals to heal, energise and transform their lives.

Your Curriculum

At The Harmonizing Academy we will provide you with the tools, techniques and resources to become a qualified  Harmonizing Coach.

Our 5 day training retreat is based on 4 powerful coaching methodologies; Confidence Coaching, Stress Management Coaching, Soul Coaching and Emotional Well-Being Coaching.

For the first three days you will personally experience the transformational effects of the Harmonizing Alignment Process, followed by two days of intensive group training in delivering the process to clients.

At The Harmonizing Academy you will learn how to deliver each of these ten sessions:

Module 1: Integrating the Harmonizing Alignment Process Support tools

  • De-coding your clients Harmonizing Lifestyle Evaluation
  • Introduction to The Harmonizing Alignment Process daily support system, gratitude practice, energy monitoring, daily journaling, mindset realignment and relaxation.

Module 2: Building self-confidence – Photo work

  • How to know the self
  • How to love & accept the self
  • How to understand what gives your life meaning

Module 3: Building self-compassion – Mirror work

  • How to connect with the true self
  • How to access the voice of the soul
  • How to build self-compassion
  • How to transform negative inner dialogue

Module 4: Building self-trust – Creative visualisation

  • How to trust your feelings
  • How to access your inner confident voice
  • How to access your inner nurturing voice

Module 5: Building resilience – Power up to thrive

  • How to create more energy
  • How to create more space in your life
  • How to create more order in your life

Module 6: Building resilience – Change your perception of the past

  • How to grow in confidence from past experiences
  • How to take responsibility for difficult situations in your past

Module 7: Building energy and power – Yin & Yang collaging

  • How to balance your energy to maximise productivity & purpose
  • How to awaken the self-compassion to enjoy life more deeply
  • How to awaken the inner power to step into your true life purpose

Module 8: Creating life balance – The self-care planner

  • How to live in alignment with your inner rhythms
  • How to align with your hormonal cycles
  • How to create a self-care plan to optimise productivity
  • How to create a daily rhythmic routine to sustain your energy

Module 9: Building courage – Soul-centred life alignment

  • How to live in alignment with your soul’s calling
  • How to live in alignment with your natural energy flow
  • How to prioritise deep fulfilment in your life

Module 10: Building courage – Vision board & daily planner

  • How to live in alignment with your heart
  • How to let go of your fixed life plans
  • How to trust in the Universal flow
  • How to let go of your fears
  • How to create and implement an exciting life vision

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Harmonizing Academy
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