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The Happiness Angel is an executive coaching program that incorporates stress management training, to give you control. Our methods are so refined that you feel like you are doing less work, yet achieving more. That way coaching is not forced, but imbued.

A lasting effect is backed up by tools that you can use over and over again.

This training aims at making you independent of the facilitator.

To be the master of your personal development.

Executive coaching that incorporates stress training

Mr X is a C suite executive of a fortune 500 company.

He does not clearly know the exact course of action to take in their business.

Where does he start from?

  1. Ask Mr X what worked for them in the past
  2. Ask them about the market trends
  3. Ask him about the future trends
  4. Brainstorm a solution that balances the above aspects
  5. The above method is also applicable to wellness problems

Coaching is not measured by time but by results

Can either be virtual or in person.

We only ask two questions: the clients problem, and what they expect from us.

The median price is $10,000 , however a reasonable sliding scale is available based on the benefit the client reaps

About The Happiness Angel Executive Coaching

  • 5 years as a happiness coach
  • Affiliated with Vistage International
  • Total mastery of interconnectedness
  • LinkedIn network of 1000 coaches


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