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Founded in 2011, HappCo is a wellness platform that offers personal and business mediation programs to enable you to achieve oneness with your higher self. With more than four hundred meditations with a total duration of over 150 hours, we help our clients on their journey to enlightenment. Our guided mediation programs comprise different mediation session that offers a fresh and rewarding experience. The business version of the app aims to remove work-life stress, blockage in organizational communication, and improve collaboration and teamwork. Our app offers the required scalability and continuous support to improve employee productivity. We aim to help people achieve emotional and spiritual intelligence through regular meditation. Over time, people can learn to process and manage their emotions better and eliminate stress, anxiety, and other mental issues. The founder, Dr. Zachary Berk, has also authored the book “Embracing Your Higher Self: A Practical Guide to Enlightenment” which serves as a comprehensive guide to educate you about the five pillars of the higher self; love, compassion, joy, inner peace, and intuitive wisdom. With a holistic approach to mindfulness and meditation, we help you reduce the involvement of the ego-mind and live a more harmonious life. For more details about our products, visit our site at https://www.happco.com/mobile-app & https://www.happco.com/blog.


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