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Goat’s milk Kefir: 21 day course

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From the people at Chuckling Goat, Kefir is the most powerful, least allergic probiotic available today. Made with raw goatsmilk and real kefir grains in the traditional way, the taste is tart and all-natural, with no added sweeteners, gums, chemicals or preservatives of any kind. Invaluable for restoring the good gut flora that are commonly destroyed by antibiotics, stress, sugar, and environmental toxins. Suitable for IBS, colitis, coeliac, diabetes, eczema, allergies, rosacea, psoriasis and auto-immune disorders. A healthy gut is anti-inflammatory! A three-week course of kefir will re-boot your gut, with permanent benefit.


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Raw Goats Milk Kefir: 21 day course
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