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GetPTfit enables FitPros to easily create, sell and schedule the automatic daily delivery of their client fitness packages and challenges.

Generate additional income by selling your own fitness packages and challenges.

Create once, then sell again and again…


Easily create sophisticated packages.

Creating your own fitness packages is easy. Simply mix and match from targeted workouts, nutrition plans, recipes, educational articles and motivational messages. The possibilities are endless; fat loss, muscle gain, injury recovery, pre-season training, pre/post-natal care, general wellness, sport event preparation to name just a few.


Generate additional income.

Selling your own fitness packages is made easy through your own personalised GetPTfit e-commerce store and you receive payment in full from every sale. Create once, sell again and again…


Schedule automatic daily delivery.

You define a schedule and GetPTfit will automatically deliver your package contents, day-by-day, directly to your clients via their online account or FREE mobile app, saving you time.

Professionally designed by experts to help you differentiate your FitPro business, build stronger client relationships and unlock your full earning potential

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