Geopathic stress

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Geopathic Stress is a collection of detrimental influences that can wear down their immune system. A healthy individual may not even be aware of the stress, but a sensitive person who unconsciously detects these adverse subtle electromagnetic fields can react badly mentally emotionally and ultimately physically.

How Geopathic stress can be solved

Geopathic stress can be solved using remote re-balancing to alleviate the stress.

Qualifications, associations and experience

Tim has been working in this field for 4 years, using a principle known as dowsing to remove geopathic stress. Dowsing is a practical process used by many Utility Companies to locate underground pipes and water leaks. Police Forces have also been known to use this method to find missing people and the Army have used it to find enemy mines and tunnels. Dowsing is also used in oil and mineral exploration.

Removing Geopathic Stress

If you feel you are suffering from Geopathic stress in your home or workplace, or would just like reassurance you can get a full Geopathic stress analysis via Geopathic expert Tim Walter.

The service includes:

  • An initial session to collect information via a floorplan to compile the report
  • A 45 section report covering mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the person’s world. All negative influences will be shown on the floor plan and you will see how the energy effects the house and other family members
  • A remote re-balancing/clearing session
  • A face to face skype session to establish the efficacy of the re-balancing work and to check if anything else is required
  • A second re-balancing/clearing session

Remove Geopathic stress now – Lowest Price £480.00


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Tim Walter Geomancy Report
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Kyeren Regehr
2 years ago

Today is the first day (in over a year) that I've been able to complete my full breathing routine

There is literally more prana to breathe in this house and my motivation is returning. I feel like my creative energy stores are slowly replenishing—they’ve been depleted for so long. It’s as if an enormous invisible weight has been lifted from the house, one that kept me coiled tight and small, and now I’m unfurling back into my own shape and remembering what it’s like to move freely again.

2 years ago

Happier at school

Since you worked on our home, both my daughter and I have been sleeping much better. In the 4 years that we have been in the house we have not had such good sleep. My daughter is also much more happier at school



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