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Training, conferences, team sessions, workshops, coaching – to help you connect with your zest for life and live a fuller, richer, happier & more satisfying life.

Joe Hoare


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Jane Willis
4 years ago

He is able to capture, reassure and infect a large audience

Don’t be fooled by Joe’s unassuming manner! He is able to capture, reassure and infect a large audience. He transformed us from a group of 130 tired, nervous skeptics to a room full of beaming, open hearted companions. Within minutes of his session opening, the energy levels in the conference hall changed. Bodies relaxed, spirits were lifted and we connected, naturally and simply with the people beside and around us. When the next formal conference session started, we were open, ready, receptive and full of energy and optimism.
Sophie Bayley
4 years ago

Great laughter workshops

We always welcome Joe with a smile and he's done some great laughter workshops for our community group at Penny Brohn Cancer Care. It's been really helpful for clients to find ways to connect with their own personal inner joy and laughter. Thanks Joe!
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