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In 2010, I met Marie-José BOUEY, a master of Reiki in Bordeaux, France and obtained my first level of Japanese method USUI, healing technics. In 2012, I have got my second level and my third level in 2014.
Since 5 years, from San Remo to the French Riviera, from Bordeaux to Paris, from Brussels to Sydney, I use to apply Reiki not only to my relatives and colleagues, but also to the clients of the luxury Hotels I have worked in.

In 2014, I decided to do a professional training with Laurence VUITTON who is specialized in massage training since 2004.

Her tailored massages are the results of deep researches across the World. Laurence VUITTON’s professional training answers to my yearning: to combine spirituality and massage. As a result, these treatments are unique and excellent to homogenize the body and the soul. This way, I implement for the good of All.

I qualified as a massage therapist with distinction from my studies at London School of Massage, and am a registered member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists.


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Elise petit
6 years ago

guillaume is highly professional massage therapist

He is really professional thorough, caring and attentive. Unlike many therapists he does not just do a standard routine, he adapts the session and the pressure to what your body needs. It is as if he can communicate with your body and listen to what it says. The massage thus felt highly personalised and it is obvious that massage therapy is a passion of Guillaume's. Don't be surprised if he will be fully booked for a year to come. This guy surely is good!
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