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I’m a Nutritional Therapist having qualified through the Plaskett Nutritional Medicine College (now merged with Thames Valley University) in 2006. I’m also a member of BANT AND CNHC registered. I conduct consultations and health screening using the Asyra Pro technology. There’s information about this on my website:
One of my specialties is identifying food intolerances, in addition to using natural approaches for overcoming arthritis, a plant based diet, juicing for health and the benefits of raw foods.

In addition to the foregoing, I’m also a qualified laser therapist using a low level laser, other wise known as a cold laser. I find that it really helps in pain reduction, acceleration of healing, reducing inflammatory conditions (such as arthritis) and de-stressing the body.  Again, more about this form of therapy is available on my website.

Finally, being a former teacher, I realise the importance of education in helping people to make informed decisions. In this regard, health education is a key area for me and I’ve written a number of books on natural health, including The Big .Mystery – How food intolerances can Sabotage Your Attempts to Lose Weight, and Healthy Eating and Pollution Protection for Kids.

David Reavely


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