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F**K It Online Course

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Experience the power of living the F**k It life: the profane way to profound happiness

When people hear about the ‘F**k It’ philosophy, or they see one of the F**k It books in the bookshop, or they know someone who’s been on a F**k It Retreat, they INSTANTLY understand the power of F**k It… they get it… that saying the phrase ‘F**k It’ has the power to relax us and help us let go quickly and powerfully.

It’s as if we already know we’re taking things too seriously, and attached to too many things that aren’t so important…

and when we hear this phrase, this awareness comes to the surface, and we then have the courage to let go.

And though we understand the power of F**k It so quickly, one question always rises up soon afterwards: HOW DO I USE ‘F**K IT’ IN MY DAILY LIFE? or HOW CAN I START LIVING A F**K II LIFE?

And this question indicates the complicated daily struggle that

most people face in their lives: the worry and anxiety they experience, the fears they hold, the busy-ness and stress they live moment to moment. Everyday life for many people is a struggle. The thought of letting go and relaxing more is attractive. The possibility of doing what you love, and being more who you are is attractive. But how?

This then, becomes the big question…

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