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The Endorphin Effect Workshop

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This weekend takes you to the heart of mind-body-spirit wellbeing.

It gives you precise and easily practised strategies for maintaining, supporting and improving your physical and emotional health. Feel good already? Then you’ll feel even better.

It combines the essence of the traditional eastern and holistic approaches – mindfulness and healing – with the very best of modern psychology and neuroscience, as described in William’s book The Endorphin Effect.

Over this weekend you will learn and experience techniques that can improve your physical and psychological health, and which you can share with friends, patients and clients.

William Bloom


Rated 5 / 5 based on 1 reviews.
endorphin effect
1 votes
7 years ago

Blissful workshop

I attended the workshop several years ago and read William's book of the same name. I like the way the workshop takes you from how the negative feelings arise, right into how to create more positive feelings. William has been teaching a long time and his knowledge and experience shine through. The workshop was also well paced and easy to follow. The meditation were deep, with many people falling asleep!
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Value for money
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