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Emma Olliff – Food Intolerance Test

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Emma Olliff’s Food intolerance test includes a comprehensive blood test to identify problem foods. It also includes a nutritional consultation to help you interpret the food intolerance test results and develop a personalised nutrition programme.

The food intolerance test checks a small sample of blood for antibodies to 40 common foods. This can help identify problem foods that you eat on a regular basis. During the personalised food intolerance consultation Emma Olliff’s experts will interpret the results. They will work with you to develop a personalised nutrition plan that is realistic and sustainable.

What to expect:

  • Within a week of booking you will receive a Food intolerance test you can take at home
  • Take the test and post your sample to the laboratory
  • You will be tested for 40 foods
  • Complete the Nutritional Therapy Questionnaire – The questionnaire provides information about medical history, family history, and any existing health conditions and prescribed medicines
  • Your Food Intolerance test results and questionnaire will be discussed with you at a 45-minute nutrition consultation

Price: £242 (includes your Food Intolerance test and a 45-minute nutrition consultation)

Emma Oliff is a registered nutritional therapist.

Book Now for a Nutrition Consultation with Emma for £110.00 – 90 minutes


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