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I am a Stress Management Expert, Therapist, Healer, Coach, CBT Practitioner & Meditation Teacher.
I teach clients simple self empowering skills that will help them let go of anxiety and stress and teach professional therapists, healers and coaches, powerful meditation, relaxation and stress management clients to teach their clients.
As someone who has spent 25 years studying healing, stress management, self development and holistic wellbeing and has been teaching self help strategies to clients for 16 years. I know how life’s challenges and stress can seriously impact your life.
No matter what life challenges you face, I can give you the tools to experience more peace than pain, more calm than chaos, more strength than stress.
I provide online coaching and self study programs to help you manage your stress, learn to meditate, learn to think more healthier, how to incorporate relaxation into a busy family life as well as self care programs, to help life’s givers, carers, supporter achieve some Time for ME.
I have extensive qualifications in holistic wellbeing, a Stress Coach, Life Coach and CBT Therapist to University Level. A Reiki Master and healer with nearly 25 years studying reiki. A relaxation therapist teacher, meditation teacher, counsellor, holistic therapist and so much more. For 14 years I provided holistic and stress management training to local health, education and charity sector including NHS.


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Eileen Burns
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Wendy Dalziel
6 years ago

Stress coach

Eileen, has taught me, lectured me, guided me, and supported me in practical sessions and worked with me to enhance my knowledge in the art of guided meditation, NLP, visualisation, Relaxation therapy as part of my continued Professional development in Nursing. Eileen displayed lots of patience whilst teaching me / coaching me as she was aware of my other commitments to family and working. Eileens course work has been valuable to myself gaining more skills and enhancing existing ones which can be used in my field of work. Eileen always polite, courteous and delivers classes in professional manner.
Leslie Marsh
6 years ago

Stress Coaching & Relaxation Therapist Courses

This course has been a revelation! Eileen, a talented teacher and consummate professional, relays information in such a way that we were carried along on the wave of her enthusiasm for the subject. Always ready to help with any questions re the course work, she made the experience totally rounded and enjoyable. Imparting knowledge is an art and Eileen is a true artist, sympathetic to the unique styles that her students bring to the table she provides common ground where all modalities of healing find commonality. Total accessibility through internet platforms and one to one sessions Eileen goes the extra mile and her students are the better for it, I know I am. I would recommend this course to anyone who is a therapist or aspires to be a therapist. It just makes sense to not just be aware of these techniques but to know how they work on a personal level. That is how in-depth this course is. In the world of Stress / relaxation therapy if you cannot do it how can you ask your clients to trust you? This is an holistic approach in the true sense of the word, and it is an approach that opens up new avenues for not just finding new clients but for giving existing clients something new to add to their experience. Leslie Marsh Glasgow
greg ingram
6 years ago

Finding a happy space with Eileen

I have been to Eileens training - for visualisation. The content of the course, and the materials provided were superb and helped cultivate so many visualisation skills for myself. This has been instrumental in helping me find a happy space every day and its down to Eilieen. Its not the materials alone but the 'way' Eileen is during the sessions. It relaxes you, and helps you soak in the information in a warm and safe place. She knows her stuff and i recommend trying it out.
W Brad
6 years ago

Stress Angel Therapy

Eileen Burns, Stress Coach, Meditation Teacher & Relaxation Therapist of over 12 years. Eileen began studying healing, meditation, personal development over 20 years ago. Eileen Burns has been in the counseling field for many years. I have had the benefit of Eileen’s knowledge and can say that I was greatly aided and guided during a couple of short talks on Skype. If you feel overwhelmed and you are unsure about your next step in life, Eileen can help you.
Gillian D
6 years ago

Skills to last a lifetime

I have been working with Eileen for about 18 months now to deal with ongoing issues including anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and low self-confidence. I have learned Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, which I can apply in my day-to-day life to manage my feelings and responses to circumstances. Eileen has given me the tools to move forwards with my life and to overcome issues which I thought were a part of me that couldn't be changed. Eileen is a warm and encouraging person, who has helped me in so many ways. I would highly recommend you have a chat with her, if you have any stress related issues or worries.
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Eileen Burns