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Dr. Wayne Dyer and Bruce Lipton – The Biology of Miracles

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A three part lesson covering science and spirituality with Dr. Wayne Dyer and Bruce Lipton.

Listen as celebrated spiritual teacher, Dr. Wayne Dyer and visionary scientist Dr. Bruce Lipton come together to enlighten us with revelations of the spirit and amazing biological facts uncovered by years of research! This three-part series will harmonize the estranged siblings of Spirituality and Science and reveal that the human experience resides peacefully in both worlds.

Lesson 1: The Miracle of Being

This soul-nourishing course delves directly into the emotional experience and imparts the life-altering power of divine love. Open your mind as Dr. Wayne Dyer discusses wisdom from spiritual masters through the ages and guides us to look within for the truth of who we are. Discover the inner voice that can awaken your excitement and lead you to the extraordinary power within you.

Lesson 2: The Science of Spirituality

Explore the inner workings of your biology as Dr. Bruce Lipton explains the potential of epigenetics and its hidden role in your life. Bruce makes clear the science of genetics and enlightens us to the power of perception and the ability to influence our genes. This course also explores conscious creativity versus sub-conscious mind programming and how understanding the difference may just lead to your very own heaven on earth!

Lesson 3: The Biology of Miracles

Wayne and Bruce join voices and combined decades of learning and experience to answer questions of truth seekers awakening to the marriage of Science and Spirituality. Hear stories of personal growth and revelation as the challenges of sub-conscious programming, the pain of disease, and the evolution of enlightenment are considered by these two mighty perspectives that are much closer than you may have previously thought…

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