Dr. Christine Northrup – Feeling Beautiful: How to Upgrade Your Body Image For Vibrant Health and Vitality

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Our sense of ourselves and our worthiness which is imprinted from our parents and culture (beginning in utero or even before) profoundly affects our health and our immunity. This is because our self-image affects our sense of safety and security and sense of belonging —both of which wire in the health of our bones and blood.

If you are raising or nurturing a daughter, niece, or granddaughter, this information can be transformational. But what if you, as an adult, didn’t have a mother who felt good about herself? What if your mother wasn’t able to pass on positive messages about the wonders of her body? What if she projected her own fears of being feminine on you? What if she taught you to be afraid of your period, or criticized your breast size, or taught you to be afraid of your sexuality? Then what?

The late writer Adrienne Rich once wrote, “The woman I needed to call my mother was silenced before I was born.” For the last 5,000 years, that which is feminine has been seen as inferior to that which is masculine. So it’s no wonder that for many women, our bodies and their processes are perceived of more as a problem than a blessing. Hence there are legions of women around the world who do not feel beautiful or worthy. And their negative attitudes are passed down to their daughters as easily as oxygen in the air binds to the haemoglobin in our blood. Happily, that’s all changing now.

And the truth is, no matter how you feel about yourself, you can change your body image and learn how to feel beautiful— thus making it safe for everyone around you to feel beautiful as well. Not only will this lead to better health, it will also profoundly affect your daughter or granddaughter, niece or other girls in your life.

In this special 2-hour On Demand Event, Dr. Christiane Northrup will provide you with a seven-point Feeling Beautiful program for transforming your relationship with your body! Through interactive teaching and exercises, Dr. Northrup will help you upgrade your body image. And as a result, you’ll be able to pass on better health and a positive body image to all the women in your life.

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