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My name is Dominic Cleary and I am a practitioner of shiatsu, tai chi and qigong. I have been practising all three activities for over 20 years, and am also a member of the register of the Shiatsu Society, the umberella organisation of shiatsu in the UK.

Shiatsu is a superb healing modality that treats the whole person. Tai Chi and Qigong also work with a similar approach to that of shiatsu, which is to help the receiver/practitioner to achieve better health through a greater sense of balance in their life. All three understand from the oriental perspective that all living beings have a vital life force – ‘chi’ – powering everything we do.

Balance in life incorporates all levels of being; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Our bodies are all the time trying to heal themselves and practises such as these stimulate and promote this natural process. Shiatsu, from Japan originally, incorporates the understanding of health shared by acupucture, but does not use needles and no clothes are removed.

Stimulation through pressure, through manipulation and other techniques are applied to the meridians of the body (the pathways of chi) to enable the body heal itsef.

Treatments are deeply relaxing, and many clients continue to have sessions long after initial symptoms have eased by way of this approach of keeping ourselves well and not waiting for disease to happen.


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6 years ago

A Shiatsu session

I would totally endorse Tania Davis' views.I have found Dominic Cleary to be an excellent practitioner of Shiatsu Massage and have greatly benefitted from his skillsThe initial reasons I began treatment were successfully worked through and there were other benefits I had not anticipated.From the first session I experienced a great increase in energy and wellbeing and a sense of feeling 'together'.The session lasts for an hour with some time at the beginning for sharing of concerns and relevant information gathering.The treatment itself is very pleasant,sometimes vigorous and gives one a great sense of being tended to or being cared for.By the end of a session I have felt deeply relaxed and have a sense of feeling' unified' or 'at one with myself'. Over several years (I have also attended a Qi Gong class)I have found Dominic to be caring and empathic and a conscientious,reliable and ethical practitioner with a vast knowledge of the field of 'wellbeing'.I have no hesitation in heartily recommending him.
Tania Davies
6 years ago

Life changing support

I have been receiving shiatsu from Dominic for many years now as well as participating in his Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes. I have found this support from him truly life changing and it has affected my life in many positive ways, both personally and professionally as a psychotherapist/counsellor. I have a connected and caring relationship with my body now and I have much more understanding of the profound wisdom of my body, both from an embodied learning by experience and from learning the philosophy behind the work that Dominic does. Dominic is hugely devoted to helping others in his work and is a gifted teacher. Having been supported by him for a long period of time, I know he engages in continuous learning and I can see how his work has developed over time so he can support others in the best possible way he can. I feel strongly about the healing power of the work he does and have recommended him to many people who could benefit greatly from this type of support.
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