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The way we approach exercise and diet needs to change.

And with at DNAFit it’s exactly what we’re planning to do.

The world of fitness and nutrition advice is a complicated, fragmented world that is saturated with an overwhelming amount of contradictory advice. Food groups that were vilified one day are ‘super-foods’ the next, and the workout craze of the moment often disappears just as quickly as it appeared. The fads that come in and out of fashion are not providing proper solutions to real problems, which disillusions those who desperately want advice that is going to improve their lives.

We’re on a mission to help identify what we do to get fit, eat right and live better on a truly personal level, using one simple concept – you.

Since we began in 2013, we’ve taken cutting edge science out of the laboratory and into the hands of tens of thousands of people, helping them understand how their DNA affects their response to exercise and nutrition changes, to change the way we train and eat, one DNA sample at a time.

We use the science of genetics for fitness and nutrition, to cater to individuals on the most personal level possible. This is because there is no one-size-fits-all approach to health and the only way to really make an impact in people’s lives is to provide them with their genetic information and show them the correct way to approach their training and diet – from their perspective.

Starting from a simple cheek swab, DNAFit can help people find out more about themselves and tap into their true potential. Our Fitness and Nutrition reports provide a comprehensive insight into personal response to exercise and nutrition and are a perfect guide for anyone who cares about their fitness and wellbeing.

The inclusion of genes in our reports is backed up by hundreds of peer-reviewed independent studies in order to bring you the most accurate information possible.


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Rated 5 / 5 based on 2 reviews.
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Andy Frömmel
6 years ago

DNA Analysis very helpful and good customer support

I decided to buy the DNA Diet Professional Analysis to optimize my diet and nutrition intake. The overall experience I had is great - from ordering, doing the test at home, sending the test back to the UK and getting the results online. I had a small issue with the online registration, but the team from DNAFit replied promptly via eMail and fixed the issue. The DNA report itself helped me a lot to gain better insight into my diet requirements and confirmed some of my assumptions. I also ordered the DNAFIT fitness report and have now much more clarity what type of sport and exercises are ideal for me. In summary, I can recommend the test and DNAFIT to anyone who wants to optimize diet and training plans.
Jackie Thomas
6 years ago

A real eye opener

I had my DNA test a couple of weeks ago with a follow up coaching session with was great! The detail has been so helpful with my fitness and meal plan. It's going to really help me improve my performance all round and be really healthy. Well worth doing.
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