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Are you looking for a more meaningful life? Perhaps you are searching for something that is missing, but you don’t quite know what it is. Or maybe you are unhappy, but not really sure why, because you seem to have everything you need.

On this 8 Module Transformational Online Programme you will:

  • Delve into steps needed to find what you were born to do, and begin to action them
  • Understand what drives you and how it impacts everything that you do
  • Start isolating those traits that are unique to you, so you can start building your ‘Born to do’ work profile
  • Define who you are, what you love and begin to build a life around this
  • Learn various tools and techniques that will support you on your journey
  • Get excited at the knowledge that.. Yes! You CAN discover what you were meant to
    do, simply and methodically

In addition to the discount, here’s what you get:

  • Lifelong access to the programme, – so that you can re-visit it whenever you need to.
  • A lifetime membership to the private Facebook group – “Charting Your Destiny”. This is a closed group exclusively for members of my training courses, where you can post questions, progress and light-bulb moments. It is a great way to support each other, get feedback from me, share our pooled experiences and stay connected on a daily basis.
  • 45 Day no quibble 100% Money back Guarantee

By the end of the programme you will have an in-depth knowledge of who you really are, your natural talents, traits and your ‘flow’, which we then place together to determine what you were born to do. Please note that this is a very practical, down to earth program and it will get to the core of understanding yourself and set you off on your journey to discovering what you were born to do.

While there are no absolutes, this is what I know. When you find what you were born to do

  • You will be doing what you love and loving what you do.
  • Your life will change from drifting and surviving to thriving.
  • You will become the architect of your destiny, rather than just leaving things to chance and hoping for the best.
  • You will wake up each morning with a sense of purpose and fulfilment

My transformational online programme is straightforward, practical and results-based. Join me and start your journey towards a life brimming with honesty, passion and authenticity. A life where you live and honour what you were born to do!

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With Michele Yeomans


Rated 5 / 5 based on 7 reviews.
7 votes
6 years ago

Awesome course!!

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone that is struggling to find purpose and the work they were born to do! The unique blend of holistic and personal development techniques from both Michelle and Mala sets this course above the rest of "life purpose" courses out there. I went away from the two days with more knowledge about myself, my strengths and talents as well as what activities I need to do to pave the way to my future career! Thank you Michelle and Mala!! xx
6 years ago

Unique course

Thanks Michelle and Mala for this awesome course. It was reassuring and inspiring for me. Would definitely recommend.
6 years ago

A great course and a real gift to yourself

I would also thoroughly recommend this course - and Michele and Mala as really good teachers. We covered so much ground, yet it wasn't at all complicated or taxing, and the atmosphere was light and completely non-pressurised throughout. All of the exercises built on each other and by asking ourselves lots of different questions, we could uncover so much information that's probably been sitting there all this time, just waiting to be discovered! I loved it and feel the richer for doing it. Thank you! :)
7 years ago

Life Changing

This course is a one off, unique course of it's kind. I've never been on a course like it!! It's cleverly crafted together and both trainer's Mala and Michele are extremely well versed, articulate and passionate in their flawless delivery. They both walk the walk and, talk the talk and are absolutely fabulous role models, taking the time to support you. It calls for introspection to really go under the surface to find your hidden codes to find, quite literally, 'what you were born to do' !! I would strongly recommend this course. I loved it so much that I gifted to a special friend !! Brilliant !!
Hugh Baker
7 years ago

Revealing and Challenging

This is an excellent course where I came very quickly through some gentle but penetrating exercises led by Michelle to recognize my inner core values. She is the most positive and encouraging person I know. It was amazing to see that the job I have been in for the last three years goes completely against what I now know to be who I am and the values that make me happiest. No wonder I have been unhappy. Challenging to step beyond my comfort zone and discover the work I was born to do. I would recommend Michelle's course to anyone who really wants to reveal their own answers to find directions in their lives and most important be happy who we are and what we do!
7 years ago

Excellent course that really delivered on promises :)!

I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who truly wants to change their life! Michele and Mala are wonderful teachers and have so much knowledge to share. The course delivered exactly what it says - I have a much better understanding of what is really important to me and what needs to be in place for me to live a happy fulfilled life. It has given me excellent grounding and tools to really move forward in the right direction. Give it a go, you won't be disappointed :)
7 years ago

Brilliant course!

This is the only course I have come across whilst looking to find my purpose and what I was born to do, that systematically guided me towards an answer. Most other courses of this kind which I had done before still left me wondering at the end of the day. Now I am on the correct path. Hurrah!
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