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Discover Your Bounce  – Engage workshops

Discover Your Bounce are passionate about bringing easy, tried and tested wellbeing techniques to you in a way that fits into your life. From a 30-second breathing technique to a long term vision for a fantastic life, we have the building blocks ready for you!

We have created a range of online webinars, workshops, books and videos tailored to give inspiration, to educate and to allow you to build resilience and thrive. Whether it’s a lunch and learn for your organisation, an individual mentoring programme or an ongoing programme of wellbeing workshops, we are your wellbeing partner!

Choose from our 12 wellbeing workshops across Mind, Body, Spirit and Vision.

We also have leadership and mental health awareness workshops.

Workshops can be delivered online or in-person at £500 plus VAT for an hour workshop. Discounts available for multiple bookings


Discover Your Bounce  – My Wellbeing Club

Life can be challenging!

Would you like to be part of a supportive, welcoming community? With daily prompts to keep your wellbeing on track and monthly mentoring calls to talk to the experts?

Our current environment can cause sleepless nights, rising stress levels and fatigue from the constant change. How would you like to be resilient? To have the ability to bounce back from anything? To create more energy and a strong vision?

My Wellbeing Club is your one-stop shop for wellbeing. A host of resources to keep you physically and mentally well in the most challenging of times, in formats to suit you.

New content is added every month…

Here’s what you get:

  • Monthly group mentoring
  • Access all areas pass to pre-recorded workshops, meditations, affirmations and expert interviews on a wide range of wellbeing, leadership and business topics.
  • The My Wellbeing Starter Kit which is full of exercises to improve your mental wellbeing
  • A private Facebook group to discuss workshops and stay on track.
  • Two-minute topic videos every week for when you are on the go!

Subscription is £30 per month and can be cancelled without notice




Rated 5 / 5 based on 5 reviews.
Discover Your Bounce
5 votes
Neil Fellowes
5 years ago

Nicky helped me become more mindful

Sometimes life gets really busy and mental spaces is at premium. Nicky really helped me become more mindful about some very simple things.
Cathy Gross
5 years ago


Interesting – quite straightforward as to what it was about. The session held value for me. I felt that Nicky explained things very well in the short time given. I felt that I knew what she was about and what she was talking about and what was going on. I would go again.
5 years ago

Really good; enjoyed it

Enjoyed it, valuable. Really good, welcoming and interactive, calming, friendly, encouraging and supportive session. Got a lot of value out of it. Difficult in a short time to take something away but she delivered and I am very impressed. Would go again. I know Nikcy quite well, she’s brilliant. As soon as she starts speaking you can sense a calmness in her experience. Lovely person to be around.
5 years ago

Very informative

Interesting to get an understanding of the basics of an NLP model and have an opportunity to practice it. It was very informative and participative. Interacted well, people were involved and were happy to be.
Rebecca Miller
5 years ago

A brilliant mindfulness session

It was good because she involved us really well and gave us a few key things that we can action straight away in our day to day lives, which is very helpful. She gave a very nice introduction which was easy to understand; you can tell she has knowledge and experience. There was a lovely group setting - I felt a part of the group.
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