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If you feel you can get More out of life; More control over your weight; More vitality; More energy; More happiness; More accomplished… I’m here to show you how.
With a complete list of tools at my disposal to help my clients in whatever they need and seek, I provide 6 month private coaching programs to empower my clients to live the life they want and deserve.  It’s a 6 month program that builds their inner strength, success and self-efficiency and will serve them for years to come.

My 6-month coaching program is based on my easy 3-step program that includes:

  • an initial “Discovery” session to better understand my client
  • a nutritional assessment and diet program for optimal body power
  • and the co-creation of a Wellness plan that is completely individualised to each client, and done with the client’s input

I serve clients around the world, online via Skype.  You can find me, Carla M. Jones, Founder of The Optimal Health Factor, at www.carlamjones.com.  Please see my profile for details on the tools I use, my qualifications and experience.


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Carla Jones
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