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The Wheel of Spiritual Life and Leadership

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Ancient Wisdom For Your Modern Leadership

The Deer Heart program gives you a spiritual philosophy and a structure that allows you to be an advanced thought leader in your specialist area.

This intense and powerful program will enable you to develop your connection to your higher self, increase your intuition so you can access more trust and faith to listen to your inner wisdom, its message and its guidance that provides you with a foundation for receiving all the answers you need.

Make your Leadership more effective

Spiritual Self = Intuition = Innovation = inspirational Ideas= LEADING EDGE LEADERSHIP

Embrace your Power and BE THE CHANGE YOU DESIRE TO BE

The Deer Hart Program offers you a spiritual philosophy that will aid and assist the promotion of successful leadership.

Through weekly Intuitive Consultations and Spiritual Development sessions I will aid you to take your leadership to its maximum potential free from stress or conflict as you experience the beauty of harmonising with a spiritual philosophy that enables you to reach your career success and experience the life you desire to lead.

Join me on The Wheel of Spiritual Life and Leadership Retreat for a 5 day intensive where you will discover how to:

Implement the attributes you need to make your leading edge ideas yield you the true art of profit and prosperity where you become a catalyst for workplace transformation where everyone gains.
Work with and connect to the power of an Ancient Spiritual Philosophy that will give you advanced insight, inner knowing and the wisdom to lead in a new powerful way.

Increase your health and wellbeing so prosperity flows to you.

Enjoy stress free success with happier and healthier relationships as you bring your work –life balance into harmony with your higher potential.

Experience beauty, peace and joy in all that you create both personally and professionally.
Be more confident in your own style and strategies so you can implement your message and create your vision into your reality as you become a magnet for manifestation.

Open your heart to all that you have to give and allow yourself to receive the rewards for serving in this new era of humanity. Julie Anne Hart


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