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Deborah O’Shea

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Often we find it difficult to relax deeply during a massage treatment, and some people can experience tiredness and disorientation afterwards.

If you would like to experience deeper relaxation and a sense of peace during your precious therapy time and afterwards feel de-stressed, open-hearted, connected, creative and re-energised, then I suggest you try Meditation Massage.

Meditation Massage combines in one unique wellness treatment the benefits of two ancient practices with proven physical and emotional benefits together.

  • Relaxing muscles and the nervous system
  • Reducing stress and lifting mood
  • Stimulating the immune system and improving restful sleep
  • Creating more compassion and acceptance for oneself and others
  • Renewing energy, focus and enthusiasm your life

I developed Meditation Massage because I found some people experienced unwanted or anxious thoughts during their massage therapy.  Perhaps it was the unpaid bill that they forgot to arrange yesterday or feeling worried about a situation in the future?

Meditation Massage is a treatment journey which progressively guides you to the present moment, allowing your mind to calm and gently encouraging you to create positive thoughts and feelings.  The treatment aims to cultivate a sense of deep peace, relaxation and contentment within your body and soul.

I have 25 years of experience as a therapist and 20 years in Spa training and consultancy.  I have designed treatments and provided training for some wonderful Spa clients throughout the world, including Cowshed Spa, Aman Skincare, Amy Botanicals, and Virgin Airways.  The Deep Awake Meditation Massage was inspired by working with my husband Tim Freke, who is a best selling author and meditation teacher.

Treatments in Glastonbury

  • Meditation Massage. 75 mins
  • Radiant Facial 60/75 mins
  • Aromatherapy Massage. 60/75 mins

Treatments       60 min  £55  /  75 min  £65

Deep Awake, botanical oil accompanies the Meditation Massage treatment.  The formula contains aromatic Damask Rose, Frankincense and Indian Sandalwood essential oils to help rebalance the body’s energy centres, promote a deep sense of wellbeing and nurture healthy skin.  

After a Meditation Massage, run a warm bath, add 2 teaspoons of  Deep Awake Oil, soak and relax, re-connecting with the treatment experience.

Meditation Massage Training

The Meditation Massage training is perfect for a qualified therapist who would like to offer their clients a unique wellness treatment.

You will receive

  • A certified qualification in Meditation Massage with CPD accreditation.
  • Suitable for qualified and insured massage therapist.
  • Small groups of 4-6 for individual attention
  • 23 hours over three days.

£595    includes all linens, 100ml deep awake botanical massage oil, training manual, case study review, and support, awarding certificate. refreshments, light lunch.


Deborah O’Shea has contributed to some of the world’s finest brands




Rated 5 / 5 based on 1 reviews.
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Jo Fellowes
3 years ago

A gorgeous relaxing massage

I had a Meditation Massage and it was gorgeous.  I felt so relaxed but quite energised and alert afterwards which was really nice.  Throughout the massage Deborah guided me on a meditation that made me present and connected which was great for stopping me stressing and worrying for a while. And the smell of the oil was devine.


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60 min £55 / 75 min £65