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David Ashworth is The English Guru.

After an awakening in the early 90s, David opened a healing practice in Manchester, United Kingdom. In 2004 he closed the practice and then received the gift of The Emerald Heart Light from the Universe in January 2005.

As he left his healing practice behind, he became a Spiritual Teacher through the illumination of the Light and was given teachings that would eventually open his heart to perfection.

Since that time he has passed through many, many inner transformations, finally attaining the purified heart and the guru state in January 2016.

David now offers DISTANT DARSHAN at  www.davidashworth.guru.

He is the founder of The Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment which he has now passed to those he trained.

Author of 6 spiritual books.

Please like our Facebook page at   Darshan with David

You can also read something of David’s work at www.davidashworth.com



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