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Friendly, dynamic and empowering Pilates classes in Brighton and Hove.

Pilates is the ultimate and the most intelligent way to exercise while enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

​”My primary focus is giving you bespoke classes helping you achieve your goals whether they are slimming, improving physical strength, sports performance or recovering from an injury. I want you to strengthen and understand your body better”.

Every class is delivered with individual attention to your needs and by application of my core values which are quality of teaching and excellence.

Pilates work

Practicing Pilates in the workplace is a great way to encourage group bonding and to manage stress throughout the week.

Pilates is a great healthy choice to get away from your desks and to re-energise with some much needed well- balanced exercise that focuses on your back alignment and core strength.

I modify workplace sessions specially as efficient as possible in the time allotted and you feel energised after a 45 – 50 minutes class.

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