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Chakra Balancing: 7 Chakra Reading

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Your body has seven main energy centers, known as chakras. Each chakra correlates to specific physical, mental and emotional strengths and weaknesses. When a chakra is out of balance life can go out of balance. Life can be brought back into balance through a chakra balancing. It’s a simple process. To find out how to balance your chakras read on…

What Will Chakra Balancing Give Me?

Would you like to understand the difficulties in your life and find out how to solve them for good?
Would you like support in overcoming those issues as well as tried and tested tools and tips to instate and maintain the balance needed to live a life you love?

You can do this through balancing your chakras…

In the human body there are concentrations of ‘subtle energy’. These concentrations of energy are called Chakras. Each chakra holds a particular type of energy. In a chakra balancing reading you will be provided with a clear and concise explanation of the energy each chakra holds as well as how healthy each of your chakras are. Balancing your chakras is integral for living a balanced, fulfilling and joyful life.

How You Get A Personalised Chakra Balancing Reading

In a chakra balancing reading you will gain:

  • A clear breakdown of the overall health of each of your chakras.
  • Concise explanations of what is obstructing the energy flow in your life.
  • Chakra-specific practices and mantras to aid in establishing and maintaining a balanced energy system.


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Rated 5 / 5 based on 4 reviews.
Chakra Balancing
4 votes
Ana Jelauc
6 years ago

Really helped me get out of my rut and move forward!

Thank you so much Andey. The rune casting I got was so helpful and so well put together. The way it was written brought me some MUCH needed clarity. It has really helped me get out of my rut and move forward. As a result I became more confident and trusting of my own approach to life. It’s a great feeling! So thank you for being there, for the casting and the talks. Interacting with you is always a pleasure. It always makes me feel more at peace. And to anyone out there that may feel lost or in need of some guidance, I say come to this lad. YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED! 10/10.
Kelly Bliss (on behalf of herself and her family)
6 years ago

Divine – just lovely!

I want to sincerely thank you Rosa for the genuine and authentic quality of service you provided and for your time and service. The love you encompass through your work is such a blessing. The spirit guide readings we got from you, (my husband, children’s and mine) have opened doors to many, many wonderful conversations in our home. The spectrum of topics seems to have deepened to cover a broadened variety, to say the least. We have come to appreciate the bond we all share as we learn more about it. This has been highlighted by your work. Somehow, a translucency of the struggles we face as human beings has been introduced. You aided in the creation of the delightful cloak of hope predominate in our home now. While reassuring us that we “need” nothing–that nothing is lacking–you illuminated the knowing that we already have and are everything. This feels like a gift too grand to wrap. Personally I am so pleased with what was offered to me through your work. It brings me so much joy to observe the ways in which I can see the children have confidently integrated their truths. The security and clarity they feel shines through their actions. We’ve enjoyed being able to print out all the reports to refer back to as well.You not only gave us our ‘money’s worth’ but instead much, much more! You really go the extra mile with what you offer. And to experience interaction with you energetically is just divine – just lovely! I can’t help but to exude gratitude! You are a beautiful being and we extend much love and gratitude your way Rosa!
Flavia Costilla
6 years ago

Thank you for all the support

Thank you Rosa & Andey for helping me heal a little piece of my heart. Thank you for all the time and energy you have given me, for the spirit guide reading and the support. I feel that the work you guys did with me has given me more hope and helped me to know myself a little better. It has helped me to really see some important things I was ignoring. Thank you guys for allowing the moment of my healing and the healing of all the future people you work with. Love to you guys and many many blessings on your way.
7 years ago

Pin-pointed the real issues

The chakra balancing reading I had pinpointed the real issues. It was very helpful to have them highlighted and what needed fixing became so clear. Excellent value. Really helpful.
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