Cardio Drumming classes in Bristol

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Cardio drumming classes in Bristol with Pulse8

Exercise and learn rhythms with Pulse8 Cardio Drumming classes in Bristol 

You probably know you need to workout, but you’re feeling unexcited and demotivated by the thought of traditional gym classes. If that’s you, then you are not alone, and like others, Twin Wave’s Cardio Drumming classes in Bristol could be your answer.

Classes are ideal for people who are over-weight, feeling isolated and unexcited by the gym, right through to people who are fit and energetic looking for an interesting way to stay fit.

Benefits of Cardio Drumming classes:

With Pulse8 Cardio Drumming classes in Bristol you will:

  • Feel energised and invigorated from having fun
  • Feel good because you’ve learnt new skills and rhythms and had some fun
  • Increase stamina, motivation and focus, helping you achieve more in life
  • Meet new people
  • Reduce stress and feel healthier and happier
  • Improve circulation – boosting your immune system, potentially reducing illness

What Happens at a Cardio Drumming class in Bristol

Each cardio drumming class in Bristol includes rhythm, exercise and relaxation. You’ll learn rhythms and exercise at a level appropriate to your fitness and you’ll also learn relaxation techniques. Classes begin with a warm up. You’ll learn rhythms and begin to move. You adjust your rhythm or the intensity of the exercise to suit your level of fitness – don’t worry we’ll show you how. The classes end with slowing down the heart-rate, then finally coming to rest in our recovery section.

Who runs the Cardio Drumming class in Bristol  

The Pulse8 cardio drumming classes are run by Twin Wave and are created by award winning founders, percussionist Paul Midgley and meditation teacher Monika Kralj.

Getting Started

  • All equipment is supplied
  • Each class runs for 60 minutes
  • Wear trainers and exercise gear or lose fitting clothes you – might getting sweaty
  • We’ll raise and lower heart-rate at intervals and you can choose the level of intensity that’s right for you


An introductory class is just £5. Thereafter it’s £10 per class or you can advance book and get 10 classes for £80.

Book your first class now:

Contact Paul Midgley at / 07932 448627


Rated 5 / 5 based on 7 reviews.
Cardio drumming classes in Bristol with Pulse-8
7 votes
Alan Matthews
2 years ago

Paul’s Drumming Workshop- Brilliant !!

Paul recently visited our group to make 27 drums from supplied bicycle wheels and then teach us how to use them as a Samba band

I couldn’t believe how quickly this happened. In about 90 minutes the drums were made and we were producing great rhythms together.

Huge amount of smiling faces, it was great fun and interesting
Well done Paul!
Thank you!
Highly recommended!


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Rachael Kumar
3 years ago

A fun filled hour

So I attended a Cardio Drumming Class not knowing at all what to expect. The past year I'd suffered from acute pain and many aches as a result of a form of osteoarthritis in my neck.  Being in pain I'd lost some confidence in carrying out any form of exercise but on the road to recovery, I knew I needed to get back into exercise and back into a happy frame of mind; saw the advert for Cardio Drumming and said to myself ' that looks like fun'.  And yes, it was fun!  So much so I went back week after week - it has brought the smile back to my face!  Paul's enthusiasm and energy is infectious, you can work as hard or as gentle as you like, there's no right or wrong and it's therapeutic.  You don't have to be athletic or have a natural musical ability, the emphasis is on movement and sound.  Banging a drum releases so much tension you build up on a day to day basis, the rhythms relax you and you also get a workout for your brain. But here's the clever don't feel like you're exercising, it's like your inner child comes out and you're playing and laughing for an hour in a safe environment before you walk back out into the world.  I'm so glad I took that step to go to that first class. Monika's relaxation sessions at the end are fabulous to just steady and ground your mind and thoughts.  Honestly, everyone should give Paul and Monika's sessions a try


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3 years ago

This is a really fun way to get fit, have fun and learn something new all at the same time. You don\'t have to be naturally musical the lessons are taught in such a way that anyone can follow the routine and take part. Give it a go.

Fiona Konteh
3 years ago

My Happy Hour

I look forward to Saturdays and the chance to have fun and exercise while learning about rhythms and drumming. The classes are about playing - with sounds and energy and are suitable for everyone of all ages. Paul’s informal style is charming and his ability to adapt the class to suit the people attending is really thoughtful. Monika’s sessions are pure relaxation. Thank you both. 


Verified Review

3 years ago

Anyone can do it

I had so much fun and was stretched as much or as little as was comfortable. I am 66 with an arthritic ankle so if I can do it so can you. 


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Lorraine Cottrell Cottrell
3 years ago

Cardio drumming

I absolutely love coming to the cardio drumming sessions.  Paul has such enfusiasm, which is infectious.  It's a fabulous workout, and you don't even realize that you are exercising.  No one takes themselves seriously, you laugh every week, leading to plenty of endorphins going round your body. I wish I had started this years ago.  I may not of been so tense and stressed, if I had.  Monika is absolutely fabulous, with her mindfulness sessions.  She has such a calming aura and you come away feeling totally grounded and 'zenned' out!  Everyone should have a Paul and Monika in their life! 


Verified Review

3 years ago

Enthusiastic and Engaging sessions

I am glad I joined Drumming sessions which I enjoy. Makes me feel relaxed and helps regain energy lost during hectic week. 


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