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Are you stuck? Lacking in confidence, procrastinating all over the shop & feeling frustrated that you could BE so much more? Then let me unlock your limiting beliefs & transform your thinking into action.

Test out my hypnotherapy, accountability, online course & awesome tribe of game changers in my LIMITLESS programme. Register for your 1 MONTH FREE TRIAL (no subscription/contract) here using the promo code ‘VIPACTION’

When you join LIMITLESS you kick start a 90-day programme which includes videos, worksheets and hypnotherapy tracks to work on your conscious and subconscious mind, where you will:

*Transform your negative habits into positive ones

*Beat procrastination and become a Productivity Ninja

*Overcome your fears and develop a super-human mindset

*Get accountable and control your subconscious mind

*Discover how to bring your confidence to life

Connect with your values and motivation, and live a life ON purpose

*Use the ‘4 Stage F**k It’ methodology in any situation where you want to behave differently


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Neil Fellowes
4 years ago

Brings all yrou personal development into one place

When I began Limtless 90-day kickstart programme my life and business we're in a good condition, but I wanted more - as always. Limitless does a great job of pulling together a lot of personal development angles like passion, purpose and values and getting all that information you might take on other courses, all in one programme. It's also got some excellent hypnosis tracks that I listened to many times and still dip into months later when I need a boost. The main outcome for me was a deep understanding of my own process as I progress. I think we sometimes see other people doing something differently and doing it well and what I learnt to embrace was my process and how that leads me to my success in my way. A great programme if you are just starting to look at who you are and what you want from life. But also great if you have been attending lots of workshops or reading lots of books and not getting the traction you want. Richard has a lovely, entertaining way of putting things across in this programme too.

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