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Boogie Bounce Home Programme

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£20 off the Official Boogie Bounce Home Programme!

The leading trampoline fitness class is coming out of the gym and into your home! – 40,000 people a week participate in Boogie Bounce classes across the UK and USA, achieving truly amazing results – now you can do it in your own home!

What’s included in the Boogie Bounce Home programme:

  • Official Boogie Bounce Equipment. Extremely high quality equipment provided by the industry leaders and used by Fitness Professionals all over the world!
  • 3 Months FREE use of Official Boogie Bounce Home Program app – Stay motivated with Brand New Routines released EVERY MONTH – PLUS Boogie Bounce Home Program DVD with 2 extra routines. *£1.99 per month after 3 month period offer*included.There is no need to make up your own routines – let the experts do it for you! – A brand new choreographed routine released every month means you won’t plateau while your fun and fitness levels will continue to increase!
  • T-Bar handle design. Adjustable for different heights and ages. Equipment holds ASTM F381-16 safety standard certificate. The Trampoline is manufactured to a weight limit of 350lbs
  • With a removable handle and base, and foldable legs, your Boogie Bounce trampoline is easily stored between use. Not that you will want to stop Bouncing! It can be easily stored. Foldable legs and a removable base and handle means your Home Unit will store away neatly. Enjoying a full body, high intensity, low impact cardio workout doesn’t have to take up a ton of space!
  • Start Bouncing away those pounds and making a difference to your health with this safe, exciting low-impact fitness program. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now and join us on a fitness journey you are going to love!

Full introduction by Boogie Bounce founder, Jenny. Learn Proper form and optimum bouncing techniques! Buy Now and start your very own Boogie Bounce Journey!

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Use the code WELL20 to get £20 off at checkout.


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Boogie Bounce home programme
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Boogie Bounce

£139 (Use voucher code WELL20 and get £20 off.