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Bonativo creates an online farmers’ market experience, serving Londoners with local and organic products. In addition, we are proud to offer a wide range of healthy snacks & sweets, bakery goods , and organic food for the larder. Furthermore, Bonativo provides local farmers with a platform to sell their healthy food to an online community, which supports local economy.


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Local Farmers Market Online
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5 years ago

Easy to use and Great to get you started

So I always thought "why pay someone more to deliver you products which you can get in the supermaket" but since I always seem to forget to buy these type of products when I go (temptations are distracting).So I thought, why not? And I must say it's a very good solution if you want to have superfoods/healthy/vegan food in your house without having to go to great length to get it. Website is easy to use, can filter by vegan if preferred and it's a great way to introduce yourself to these foods and get in the habit of having them/preparing them. If you're someone busy like me, definitely worth trying.
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