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Bodytalk and Kundalini Yoga

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Bodytalk is an energy based health care system that gets to the root of your health and wellbeing issues. Do you have health issues that you can’t get to the bottom of?

Do you have blocks in your business, in your relationships, with money or  with family? No problem, Bodytalk can really help you because the mind and body is intrinsically linked. What is stored in the subconscious is reflected in the body and this is also mirrored in our life experience.  BodyTalk works by releasing seeds from the subconscious that influence our health, our limiting belief systems which are then reflected in our experiences in life. When we shift these energetically, we influence the neural pathways in the brain, creating different responses to life and also creating deep changes in physical health and wellbeing. Bodytalk uses bio muscular feedback and tapping to create deep and long term change in health and wellbeing. Want to read more? Look at my website for many testimonials from people who’s health and wellbeing has changed because of BodyTalk.

Kundalini Yoga is a powerful tool for self healing. It empowers YOU with the tools to release our innate ability to heal ourselves. It uses powerful exercises, mantra, breath work and meditation to clear the subconscious programming so we can feel free and joyful and live a healthy and happy life. Classes are taught in Frome and Salisbury.


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