BodyPure2x Foot Pads

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Unlike other less effectice Japanese foot pads made using filler ingredients (including many of the standard ginger foot pads), BodyPure’s proprietary blend of herbs and minerals was developed to deliver twice the potency from active ingredients. Aside from being more cost effective, this matters because foot patches leave some residue to wipe off in the morning, and alternating feet each night allows your skin to breathe for 36 hours instead of 12 hours.

3rd party syncrometer testing has detected substances including benzene, aluminum, cadmium, copper, lead, mercury, nickel, thallium, arsenic, asbestos, and PCB (plastic by-product) in used foot pads.【 THIS TESTING IS EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE TO BODYPURE CUSTOMERS to test their own used foot pad as well】. Hair analysis of individuals using foot patches for two months has also shown a decrease in unhealthy elements.

We care about our customers and have unparalleled customer service. We focus in top quality accross the board, including USA standards for quality ingredients and manufacturing, and USA based customer support. You can trust the same products that your healthcare professional trusts.


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