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It can feel like a very lonely world when you are in pain and suffering and I should know. You see I didn’t always look like this, in my 20’s I weighed a massive 21st 4lbs. Not only did I lose the weight WITHOUT pills or surgery, but I have kept it off and recovered from all the previous weight induced illnesses I used to suffered with. Now I help others with a range of symptoms including fatigue, digestive health, weight issues, fertility, hair loss, migraines, chronic pain & inflammation, skin conditions, cancer and many more illnesses which negatively affect every part of our daily lives.

As a qualified Nutritionist and member of The British Holistic Medical Association I see patients of all ages with varying ailments many of which have been totally reversed by following specific food plans and natural supplement regimes. I offer a wide variety of additional blood tests and health checks to assess your current health, then after our consultation I email you a personalised plan to get you back to health. I am also a qualified sports nutritionist offering professional athletes and amateur sports people a full nutrition programme.

In 2017 my clinic, Body Fabulous, made it to the finals in the ‘Best Complementary Therapy Centre in Wiltshire’ awards, something I am incredibly proud of. The Body Fabulous team has grown now to include specialist nutritionists, naturopaths and hypnotherapists to support all our patients and clients, whatever the health concern.


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Jim Marshall
5 years ago

Body Fabulous

Following a consultation with Amie @mybodyfabulous my assumption that I just wanted to loose a few pounds was not biggest of my problems, I've got a much greater insight into my current health but also with Amie's advice made some positive life changes.
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