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Essential Oils are my passion. I sell a wide range of Essential Oils, Absolutes, Carrier Oils and Fragrance Oils. I also make a wide range of Infused Oils including Comfrey, Dandelon, Feverfew etc. More usefully for many customers I blend remedies for their ailments and produce them in aromatherapy oil, cream, atomiser spray and gel forms so that they are easy to use.

For many Therapists nowadays the cost of holding a wide range of Essential Oils in case they are needed is prohibitive and buying the right quality for a particular purpose is equally problematic. For this reason, Therapists use our blending service to produce aromatherapy blends to their own recipe. In many cases however they need a new blend for a specific customer. We do, of course have many ready to use blends to choose from…. but at Blooming Oils we research and develop “Tester” blends to find exactly the right blend for a customer. Our Therapists only pay for the oils they use and don’t have bottles sitting on the shelf unused. We also provide an “own label” service.


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