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Beachbody Insanity

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Shaun T., Creator of INSANITY® says, “When I created the INSANITY workout, I knew it would produce insane results in 60 days, but I wasn’t sure if anyone was brave enough to try it. Turns out…there are a lot of crazy people out there. Crazy enough to actually enjoy doing the world’s most insanely tough workout. To like the feeling of being drenched in sweat…of going balls-to-the-wall for a full 45 minutes of muscle-searing exercise. Is INSANITY hard? Oh, yeah. It really IS the hardest workout ever put on DVD. It’s totally crazy…but it’s going to get you crazy-good results”.

The Insanity Package Includes…

Insanity includes everything you need to get in the best shape of your life. It includes:

5 Max Interval workouts for Month One:

  • PLYOMETRICS for insane legs and glutes
  • UPPER BODY RESISTANCE for sculpted arms, shoulders, chest, and back.
  • PURE CARDIO for crazy fat burn.
  • CARDIO ABS with intensive core work so you can get awesome abs like Shaun T.
  • RECOVERY gives your body a break at the end of an insane week

Then, with four new workouts in Month Two, the Insanity intervals get even longer, but the rest periods don’t:

  • MAX INTERVAL CIRCUIT for the toughest interval workout you’ve done so far.
  • MAX INTERVAL PLYO will push your legs until they cry for mercy.
  • MAX CARDIO CONDITIONING takes your body to the limit with an extreme cardio workout.
  • MAX RECOVERY lets you build strength for a whole new round.

With Insanity you also get FOUR FREE GIFTS!

  • The INSANITY 60-Day Wall Calendar shows you which workout to do each day. Cross ’em
    off as you go, as you get another day closer to the most insane body you’ve ever had. Plus,
    the Fit Test Tracker tracks your results as you watch your body transform before your
  • The Quick Start Guide is a ten-minute tour through your two-month transformation. It’s
    short and to the point. Hey, INSANITY’S not a book club. It’s a sweat-fest. Shaun wants to
    see you ripped, not reading.
  • The Elite Nutrition Plan has 60 days worth of menus and recipes to choose from. You’re
    about to turn your body into a calorie-burning furnace, so you’ve got to give it the fuel it
    needs to strip away the fat.
  • FREE Online Support to help keep you firm and focused on your goal. Have live chats with
    Shaun T. and meet thousands of men and women like you who are starting the INSANITY
    challenge every day.


Rated 5 / 5 based on 3 reviews.
Beachbody Insanity
3 votes
Tomas Jenkins
6 years ago

Awsome workout DVD - we love Insanity

This is such a great workout DVD. It's made such a big difference to my overall fitness levels and now have a six-pack to be proud off. Thanks Shaun T and Beachbody!
Amanda Reynolds
6 years ago

Love insanity!

This is the best fitness DVD I've ever done. It's pretty hard core and it really works. My fitness levels have increased so much. Well worth the investment.
Lewis Moray
6 years ago

Toughest Workout I’ve done

Insanity is the hardest workout I’ve ever done. Some friend recommended this to me and they were all really fit and I wanted to get fit. I lost inches off my waist in the first 2 weeks and build amazing stamina over the course of this programme. Really tough, but great results.
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