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BYF offers inspirational support to any wonderful person who is looking for self development; release of beliefs that no longer serve them; evolve and expand their potential. The Life Coaching Programme utilises methods such as Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Humanistic Counselling, Motivational Interviewing and others to support people in exploring and identifying own aspirations and goals, while developing and building resilience to better deal with life’s challenges. There is a strong educational component, the learning of simple techniques such as relaxation, affirmations that will enable you to help yourself. Note that methodologies will be agreed with you to suit you.
BYF also offers a wide range of affordable Health and Wellbeing education programmes, tailored to suit the needs of the group. Programme covers issues that people face in everyday life and is designed to help them to learn about themselves, develop resilience and self-confidence. BYF evidence-based programme is designed to build people understanding of health and wellbeing and introduce practical tools that they can use to cope with stress, build self-esteem and motivation – underpinned the principles of motivational interviewing between other – so that they can help themselves achieve the life they wish to have, and ultimately be happier.”
Ana Neves


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Ana Neves