My latest project is using webinars with Emotional Freedom Technique to create powerful circles of support and transformation. I am learning the Mayan Calendar and sharing it in my work ~ it is so valuable as to patterns and understanding. Also in conjunction with this amazing tool I use Astrology too ~ it is a mind blowing combination. I work using Mind Body and Spiritual frameworks.Working in a holistic way is key for me. Practical solutions found within each person in their own unique way. Please get in touch for your free consultation. I can work with people worldwide via online services such as Skype. I have several blogs.
Joanne Kenworthy


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Debra Zervas
6 years ago

Jo is the real deal

I have been working with Jo for over 2 years now. As an energy coach & intuitive writer she is a dedicated, insightful guide to gaining self awareness, developing a personal pattern interrupt, naming and releasing trauma among other gifts. After each session, she emails her insights and they are priceless. I can read them again and again until the information is integrated. Her nisghts are always spot on and give me much to work with until our next session I find using the Mayan calendar, Astrology and EFT to be a potent combination of tools for personal transformation. Also learning EFT has given me the ability to release trauma when I'm triggered and alone. I no longer panic at the thought of having a meltdown, knowing I have the tools in my possession to regain balance and insight without reacting in the same destructive patterns. Together we set goals, experience moments of synchronicity and also share intense psychological expression. I find Jo to be a generous spirit, always giving me the time, support and space needed to discover my OWN highest potential. I can't say enough about Jo, she is a real gem.
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Jo Kenworthy