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Hi my name’s Jen and I’m a Business Realisation Coach. I specialise in helping women who want to coach but lack the confidence, self belief and ‘the how’ to just do it!

I know exactly how it is, I waited 10 years before finding the courage to finally live my dream. I jumped out of a 9-5 I hated and into a holistic therapy business that i wasn’t fully aligned with and soon lost the passion and started to resent my clients and treatments because I was too afraid to face up to my life’s purpose and doubted my capabilities and was scared of failing. My message to you… Stop waiting, your time is now! When I hired a coach to help me coach, everything fell into place and I made phenomenal progress.

My mission is to see every woman realise their potential and make their dreams a reality!

I work by removing the veil to open your eyes to the possibilities you were once blinded to, in terms of what you are capable of, and the financial freedom we all crave to have. Not only that, but I will show you ‘how’ to realise those dreams and hold you accountable to achieving them!

If you’re in a business you’ve lost passion for, now is the time to make a change!


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