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With over 10 years experience in holistic health and aromatherapy I help people using plant oils that contain therapeutic properties. Each oil contains many properties individual to that specific oil and can help with a wide array of health issues such as muscle pain, anxiety, stress, depression, low energy, fatigue, headaches. insomnia, acne, rosacea,  IBS/digestive issues, the list is endless. My focus is holistic skin care, self care and self love. Most often skin issues are directly linked to health and internal imbalances, so by improving one we naturally improve the other. Creating blends that nourish you from the outside in to create a healthier you.

I carry about 50 essential oils, 12 carrier oils, salts, clays and other raw ingredients for those wishing to use themselves at home, as well as custom create products and blends from scratch based on your individual needs.

A full health and wellness consultation costs $65 and is completed online. Resulting in a full comprehensive outline on what oils are best for you to help balance and improve your overall wellness as well as specific and safe ways to use each of them and proper dosages.


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